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Shelving Units, Storage Shelves in Denver by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)

AIS Shelving, Rack and Locker Division for Warehouse, Commercial Storage Solutions

Storage Shelving Units Storage Shelves Denver by AIS Shelving, Rack and Locker Division will help assist you in increasing the organization and efficiency of your warehouse, storage area or business inventory.

Listen, we all know that organization is the key for a more productive work environment.

storage solutions by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)AIS offers a huge selection of storage solutions as well as storage shelving units that will help you to keep your inventory or work environment well organized.

From pallet racking to storage shelving units, storage cabinets, lockers, wire shelves, metal storage racks, pallet shelves, storage racks, and more by AIS to meet your warehouse storage, police evidence rooms or inventory management needs.

We help you to choose the right storage and shelving products that will meet all of your individual requirements and organizational needs. As your personal distributor of commercial shelf units including metal shelves, steel shelves, retail shelving, storage shelves, warehouse shelving, or office shelves we will get you the result you need to improve the efficiencies of your business.

Our Shelving Units Storage Shelves Denver product offerings also include commercial shelves, industrial metal shelves units which includes industrial warehouse shelves, clip shelving, steel shelves and so much more.

Call us today to see why our Storage shelving units are among the most affordable in the business at 303-399-4040

Industrial Shelving

industrial metal shelving by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)Industrial shelving can be among the easiest to set up or move for your business storage area or warehouse inventory. Different designs like the Teardrop design makes setup or tear down for moving a snap without the use of tools other than a rubber mallet to make things even easier to tap in or tap out and without the need for brackets that usually require more assembly.

For ease of construction and heavy-duty materials for continuous commercial use that lasts well over time with industrial shelves you should consider the ever popular teardrop connection design for ease of setup and tear down that is both cost effective and long lasting in warehouse environments or business storage areas.


Industrial Shelving Units


industrial shelving units Denver by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)AIS Shelving, Rack & Locker Division is a distributor of industrial shelf units including steel shelves, metal shelves, storage shelves, office shelves, retail shelves, warehouse shelves, and much more.

Industrial shelving systems are the silent workhorses that can also help to improve the look as well as increase the efficiency and organization of your company storage space or warehouse.

Industrial Shelf systems by AIS are adaptable to many different industrial shelf requirements or applications.

Industrial Shelving Brackets


AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division) Featuring the finest in Industrial Shelving Brackets and shelving systems.


industrial shelving brackets by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)
A wide variety of Industrial Shelving Brackets and shelf systems for multiple applications as well as industrial strengths.

If you are looking for Industrial Shelf Brackets and shelving systems, you have reached the right website to contact us Today at 303-399-4040.



Metal Shelving

Metal Shelving from AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)

AIS Metal Shelves for superior strength, organization and storage


When looking for the metal shelving of all types like commercial metal shelving, commercial metal shelving racks or even heavy duty commercial metal shelving, give AIS Shelving, Rack & Locker Division a call to see if we can assist you with your needs.


Commercial Metal Shelving

Our Commercial Metal Shelving can provide an out of the way type of storage, for different types of supplies or materials that last longer than other shelf making construction materials that are inferior.

We know that Commercial Metal Shelves has much higher usage as well as heavier loads to stand up to, which is why we use materials that perform very well in warehouse commercial storage types of environments and Police Evidence Room Storage too.

Commercial Metal Shelving Racks

commercial metal shelving racks from AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)Commercial Metal Shelving Racks are a necessity for business storage areas and Warehouses but are also very useful for home workshops too.

Consider our sturdy Commercial Metal Shelving Racks and metal bin kits along with workbenches to keep your work area organized, comfortable and easily accessible when you need them. We help meet the needs of homeowners that need to outfit and out-building, barn or storage unit too. For many types of Commercial Metal Shelving Racks for home storage and organizational needs, consider AIS to help you get you the proper assistance you want.

Heavy Duty Commercial Metal Shelving

AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division) has a wide variety of Heavy Duty Commercial Metal Shelving as well as all the accessories you need to allow you to maximize your storage space with many options for boxes and bins or dividers for your heavy duty commercial metal shelves. If your business needs durable and adjustable Heavy Duty Commercial Metal Shelving for a warehouse, large filing facility or other storage areas like barns, garages as well as outbuildings.

Warehouse Shelving Systems

Heavy Duty Warehouse Shelving Systems work well for high density or heavy commercial storage, mechanic shops, stock rooms that can support plastic bins in your garage if needed. Our staff is well trained and educated with the different types of warehouse racking to help design a good layout for your needs, to assist with making your warehouse efficient which may also help you cut man hours.

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking at AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)AIS Shelving, Rack & Locker Division knows how important it is to figure out the real needs and physical requirements of your warehouse or business before you invest in a pallet racking system.

Pallet Racks and racking system make the use of space more cost-effective because it is more proficient for the room available.

We are very familiar with tire storage rack needs of our tire manufacturers, dealers and distributors warehouses.

Our heavy duty tire storage racking meets their needs with easy to assemble tire storage rack units that ideally adapt to many differing tire size storage applications.

Our heavy duty pallet racking is constructed with heavy gauge metal for long-term use along with heavyweights.

Pallet Shelves

Our Pallet Shelves are solidly constructed with long-lasting materials for quality, long lasting durability and dependability to keep your business or warehouse running smoothly.

AIS desires to be your one-stop source for all your needs for different types of warehouse shelving systems, pallet racking or pallet shelves in the Denver metro Rocky Mountain Region.

Used Shelving

AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division) handles used shelves, used lockers, and used racks. While this is not our primary focus which is new products we acquire used shelving occasionally when we have the opportunity to purchase it in good condition. If you are looking to sell used shelving that is in good shape then give us a call to see if there is a fit for our customers.

If you are looking for used shelving then call us with information concerning your needs, to see if we have something on hand or have heard about something that may help you with your needs. Used shelves are a great way to save money as well as properly store or stock the items in an organized fashion.

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AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division) is a Lockers, Shelving, Racks business situated in Denver, and covers the Arvada, Aurora, Broomfield, Commerce City, Dupont, Eastlake, Englewood, Golden, Henderson, Idledale, Littleton, Westminster, and Wheat Ridge areas. AIS Industrial and Construction Supply (Shelving Division) provides Sales, Assembly, Delivery, and Installation of Lockers, Shelving, Racks, and Cabinets to Warehouse Storage Solutions – Business Storage Solutions. The organization has been providing services since 1941 and has been servicing happy clients ever since.

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