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Previous Projects of AIS Shelving, Rack and Locker Division

Previous Locker Projects


Removed counter top and mirror to accept new lockers. Space is encased by a wall on both ends


Installed continuous steel base, sloping top, centered lockers and scribed vertical fillers to both walls. Seamless finish!

Two-tone paint, cont. base, slope top, and plastic bench to match lockers. Sloped hoods, installed back-to-back, and cut to encase vertical support columns.
4″ steel Zee Base with Boxed End Panel extending to floor. Custom, over-sized 3-tier lockers with sloping top; assembled on-site.

Previous Shelving Projects


Empty roll off storage container.


Rivet Shelving utilized to maximize customer’s limited space.

Jet black color with LEED certified Skyblend recycled decking material. Large stock of 5/8″ shelving material, cut to order.
All steel shelving; closed construction; built back to back. All steel shelving; open construction; literature storage

Previous Rack Projects

Teardrop style Pallet Racking, with PB decking. 96″H Cantilever Rack with 24″ straight arms; used for lumber storage.