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Lockers Denver by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)

Lockers Denver page has been created for those in need of a locker for most any purpose.

AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division) includes many different locker categories such as Metal, Steel, Commercial, Industrial, School, and Gym (plastic and wood).

We also handle used lockers that are ADA compliant for use in industrial, commercial, institutional applications, retail environments, athletic facilities, schools, health spas and military environments.

AIS handles various lines of lockers from KD, All-Welded, Corridor; Athletic, Gear/Turnout, that include special features like Mudroom lockers, Footlockers, Cell Phone Lockers, See-Through lockers, Storage Lockers, Open Access Standard Lockers, Standard Gear Lockers, along with custom sizes and galvanized finishes.

Lockers by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)Even though our primary focus is with steel lockers we also handle lockers which are made from a variety of materials for beauty and functionality like Wood, Laminate-Phenolic and even Plastic for high humidity storage areas.

Give our knowledgeable staff a call today to discuss your needs or requirements for all locker types and sizes at (303) 399-4040 for Sales, Assembly, Delivery, and Installation.

When looking to buy lockers, we want to encourage you to look for the industry leaders that have provided the Denver metro area with superior knowledge, 5-star customer service and an outstanding selection for sale, that has stood the test of time.

Search through our high quality manufactured lockers in more colors, more sizes, with more options than most anywhere else available at bargain prices.

Police Lockers by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)
Many modern lockers today are created from metal or steel as they are normally the less costly alternative which are built to be functional and tough enough to take the usage by most people without any problems over long periods of time.


Our product lines also consist of many accessories for all lockers including Aluminum and Wood Benches, Pedestals and Locks as well as Closed-Style Bases to cover gaps and help to eliminate dust and dirt collection just to name a few.


Metal Lockers

Metal lockers offered by AIS Shelving, Rack & Locker Division

We have metal lockers for sale, yes, metal lockers that are designed for many applications like first responders of all types, school corridor lockers, employee lockers, high school lockers, Athletic lockers Footlockers, and StadiumĀ® lockers that are ideally suited for athletic team rooms to store helmets, uniforms and gear for many different sports.


Steel Lockers

Steel lockers for sale by AIS Shelving, Rack & Locker Division

While all steel lockers are metal, not all metal lockers are steel so we need to state that up front so that you know that the term metal can mean many different things.

We only handles high-quality steel lockers Denver, for many applications and needs to include Footlockers as well as Mudroom lockers.

Commercial Lockers

Commercial Lockers available through AIS Shelving, Rack & Locker Division, includes Mudroom and Footlockers

Our line of commercial lockers stand up to the rough wear and tear as well as look good in many different environments, from work to recreation.

Check out our huge selection of commercial lockers from trusted brands like Penco, including single-tier lockers, multi-tiered units, assembled models, space-saving lockers, and much more.

Industrial Lockers

Industrial Lockers sold by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)

AIS offers industrial lockers for storing valuable items, supplies, and equipment that are complemented by superior security features. Our industrial lockers are designed to be rugged as well as great for most heavy-duty industrial work environments.

School Lockers

School Lockers handled by AIS Shelving, Rack & Locker Division

School Lockers Denver by Lockers by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)AIS Shelving Division has a huge selection of lockers made for many different industries such as school use which includes lockers for halls, kitchen staff, team rooms, school gym locker rooms, different types of shop classrooms along with other departments.

We can help fulfill the locker needs in K-12 secondary schools, public, private, & charter schools, colleges & universities and even home schools throughout the Denver metro area which offer secure storage and organization where needed.

Choose from the many color options to match school colors to express your school spirit and pride! Let AIS Shelving, Rack & Locker Division assist you with the task to help you create an attractive, productive learning environment that our youth will want to attend daily to grow in knowledge!

Gym Lockers

Gym Lockers in Denver by AIS Shelving, Rack & Locker Division

Gym Lockers Denver by Lockers by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)We have Gym Lockers that come in single tier, double tier, triple tier and box locker configurations that are ventilated with solid louvered doors, perforated doors, and even the super rugged-duty, diamond perforated door gym lockers.

Providing Gym lockers for many industries, from small businesses to supplying hundreds of lockers for commercial industrial contractors that build public schools and institutional gym franchise businesses.

We have a large variety of metal gym lockers for many of the different types of applications that you may have. Helping you transform your facility or stadium into a thing of impressive beauty to wow the crowds.

Call us today to discuss your needs along with the many designs, styles, and color options, or simply ask for a quote at (303) 399-4040.

Used Lockers

Find Used lockers at AIS Shelving, Rack & Locker Division in Denver

We mentioned on our Home page that we do handle used locker on a catch as catch can basis. In other words, we don’t always have access to used lockers but please feel free to call us and ask.

Used lockers are great for many applications that may be residential, business or even church settings but always a great way to save money.

Our used locker stock will always be in good condition or we simply will not buy them. If you are looking to sell your used locks, used school lockers, used metal lockers, used footlockers or mudroom lockers then give us a call as well so we can discuss what you have along with our needs.
Thank you for reading Lockers Denver!

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Looking out for a Lockers, Shelving, Racks organization in Denver, Colorado? AIS Industrial and Construction Supply (Shelving Division) provides Sales, Assembly, Delivery, and Installation of Lockers, Shelving, Racks and Cabinets to Warehouse Storage Solutions – Business Storage Solutions in Arvada, Aurora, Broomfield, Commerce City, Dupont, Eastlake, Englewood, Golden, Henderson, Idledale, Littleton, Westminster, and Wheat Ridge. AIS Industrial and Construction Supply (Shelving Division) have been in business since 1941.

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