Welcome to the Shelving Division of AIS Industrial and Construction Supply!

Looking for quality products, strong and durable enough to fit your needs?  Tired of calling companies, only to get a machine on the other end?  Here at AIS, you’ll speak to a live and knowledgeable person; no machines here.  The Shelving Division of AIS will answer your questions, recommend the right product, and see that your needs will be taken care of…from start to finish!

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Are you looking for a Quality Products, Strong and Durable enough to fit your needs?

Are you sick and tired of picking up the phone, only to get a machine on the other end?

The Shelving Division of AIS will answer your questions, recommend the right product, and see that your needs will be taken care of…from start to finish!

  • Personal service
  • Attention to detail
  • Follow through
  • Large selection of manufacturers
  • Quality products
  • Industrial / Heavy Duty applications
  • Competitive pricing
  • Discounted freight rates
  • Site measures
  • Shop drawings
  • In house credit line
  • Trusted delivery
  • Professional installations
  • Finest Industrial Metal Shelving
  • Best Commercial Metal Lockers & Storage Solutions
  • Denver Colorado region

Let’s face it, there’s various types of people out there. There are those who know absolutely nothing about storage products and those who do. There are some who want to be involved in the process and others who don’t—trusting that everything will be done correctly, without any micromanaging involved. Some people are homeowners and others are contractors, some are employers and others are employees, some are designers and others are seeking design assistance in the Denver Colorado region. Regardless of what category you fall into, we’re ready and able to help. We know and understand rivet shelving, steel rivet shelving, single rivet shelving, industrial metal shelving, shelving parts, storage lockers, lockers, metal lockers, commercial metal lockers, wall lockers, foot lockers, gym lockers, sports lockers, industrial cabinets, fire cabinets and more.

Some see “Industrial Supply” and simply think ‘tools’… disregarding the fact that they’ve just stumbled across the answer to all their problems. How could a ‘mere tool company’ be able to assist me with the burdensome task of setting up a new warehouse, improving my outdated file storage, or maximizing the limited space I have? There’s only one answer to those questions, “Think Outside the Big Box”! Yes, perhaps you’ve called upon us in the past for a set of over-sized sockets or the latest and greatest drill. Or maybe you’ve been visited by one of our premier outside sales people; assisting you with everything from hand wash to shovels, and outerwear to ice melt. Maybe you’ve even walked in our front doors, and witnessed our completely renovated showroom; displaying many of the products and vendors we provide on a daily basis.

Well one of our best kept secrets is out: We offer a separate division within these walls. Focusing specifically on Lockers (steel, plastic, and laminate), Shelving (boltless, all-steel, racking of all types) and anything Materials Handling related.

Dig a little deeper, beyond our fascia and you’ll come to know what our loyal customers have known for years. We’re your one-stop shop for Space-Saving and Storage Solutions. Whether you’re an individual simply looking for garage shelving, a small business with warehouse needs, or a contractor seeking assistance on a large scale project; we can help. For over 64 years, AIS has been an integral part of Denver Colorado Regional Industry- providing personal service and attention to those who “Think Outside the Big Box”.

Dale E. Hahs II
AIS Industrial & Construction Supply

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