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About AIS Shelving Rack & Locker Division

“Just past the Home Depot” has become a popular phrase around here.  Whether we’re providing directions to our customers, or our customers are telling their drivers where we’re located, many have looked beyond the Big Box supply warehouses and sought after a better option.

At AIS you’ll come to find: 

  1. Personal relationships are formed; getting to know your employees, what type of products you need, and making sure we have it in stock.
  2. We come to you!  We’re happy to visit your business and speak to you directly about your storage needs.
  3. Delivery and Installation are offered on any product we sell.
  4. Outside Sales available.  Have reoccurring needs?  Want someone to call on you?  Just say so!

We believe a company’s worth is directly dependent upon its value to the consumer.  As such we’ve been transforming ourselves since 1945, to suit the needs of our loyal customers.  Here at AIS, our consistent desire to not only supply (but to seek out and provide) for our customer’s specific needs, have become our calling card.

Centrally located in Denver (among the late Stapleton Airport) Aviation Industrial Supply began by equipping the personal aviator.  When the need for tools and various supplies increased (and the presence of small aircraft decreased) our focus changed.  As our popularity grew, so did our target market.  Today everyone from walk-in customers to private businesses, and government entities to contractors, all call AIS home.  Not only have our products changed but in 2009, so did our name.  Albeit including “Aviation” was nostalgic, it was also quite misleading.  Push came to shove and we made the change.  We’ll always be known as ‘Aviation Industrial’ to some.  But for many, we’re now known as AIS Industrial & Construction Supply.   We’re still the same great company, providing the same great products and service; we’re just using a less confusing name!

Our contractor supply infrastructure gives us another advantage over the rest.  We’re not confined to merely offering a small selection of products.  Rather, we have partnered with various entities, enabling us to supply to all facets of Industry.  Buying from AIS Shelving Division gives you access to a very unique establishment- offering a sizeable selection of manufacturers, competitive pricing, vast knowledge, and excellent customer service.  AIS has the large buying power of the big box stores, while still providing the personal service that our customers have come to expect… at the prices, they can afford!

AIS Industrial and Construction Supply (Shelving Division) has been providing services since 1941 and is a Lockers, Shelving, Racks business that offers Sales, Assembly, Delivery, and Installation of Lockers, Shelving, Racks, and Cabinets. AIS Industrial and Construction Supply (Shelving Division) works with Warehouse Storage Solutions – Business Storage Solutions and covers the Arvada, Aurora, Broomfield, Commerce City, Dupont, Eastlake, Englewood, Golden, Henderson, Idledale, Littleton, Westminster, and Wheat Ridge areas.