• Locker, Shelving, Racks by AIS Shelving Division in Denver
    Locker, Shelving, Racks, and Cabinets by AIS Shelving Division of Denver, Colorado, has been your source of heavy-duty storage solutions for warehouse, records keeping, inventory, supplies, and organization to support the industrial or commercial storage industries.

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    In addition, we also offer Sales, Assembly & Installation of Lockers, Industrial Shelving, and Racks.

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Locker, Shelving, Racks, and Cabinet Storage by AIS Shelving Division in Denver

Need Locker, Shelving, Racks, and Cabinets in Denver, Colorado?
Denver Locker, Shelving, Rack, Cabinet, and Pallet Racking Shelves specialists, AIS Shelving Division is the place for SalesAssemblyDeliveryInstallation on all of these, for your storage needs.
Lockers, Shelving,  Racks, and Cabinet Storage The Shelving Division of AIS Industrial & Construction Supply provides storage systems as well as heavy metal shelving system solutions for warehouse inventory or the storage needs of commercial businesses.

AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division) product line includes; Lockers, Shelving, Pallet Rack, Storage Cabinets and Industrial or Commercial Shop Furniture as well as accessories to easily add storage space where required and as much as needed in the Denver, Colorado metro area and all along the front range.

Locker Systems

school lockers AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)AIS Shelving Division handles high-quality locker systems designed for use in athletic facilities, schools, retail environments and other commercial, military, industrial and institutional applications. For the best selection (featuring steel, plastic, and laminate) and pricing of storage lockers, cabinets, chests, accessories, furniture, shelves, and locks call AIS today to speak with our knowledgeable staff.

With a wide range of materials and colors including commercial metal, industrial steel (for strength), phenolic and solid plastic (for high humidity), we offer the perfect solution for many storage applications, spacing, and needs.

Steel Storage Lockers

Our extensive offering of commercial and industrial metal or steel storage lockers and accessories look good and stand up to the wear and tear found in schools or industry needs.

Check out our great selection of steel locker manufacturers from trusted brands like Penco, KD, All-Welded, Corridor, Athletic & Gear/Turnout including single-tier lockers, space-saving lockers, multi-tier units, steel lockers, Plastic Lockers, Laminate-Phenolic Lockers, Wood Lockers, Fire Proof locker cabinets, assembled models and so much more.

Our extensive variety of locker hoods, bases, and trims along benches and locks makes AIS the leader in the Denver metro area for your storage needs.

Locker Room Supply and Design

Locker Denver by AIS Shelving DivisionNot sure which storage locker cabinet best suits your needs? If you don’t find the lockers you’re looking for, or would like help figuring out what you want, call us at (303) 399-4040 Denver, Rocky Mountain Region.

Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the right lockers and accessories for your space and needs, which can also include industrial locker room design.

Industrial Shelving

While our primary focus is not with home decorative kitchen shelving or lite duty wall mounted shelving, we have a deep selection of all types of industrial shelving (boltless, all-steel, racking of all types) including commercial wall shelving, garage, retail or storage shelving to help you with your shelving needs and ideas.

Heavy Duty Commercial Metal Shelving

heavy duty commercial metal shelvingPlaces like Ikea, the Container Store or Home Depot may offer home duty metal shelving or metal wire shelving but AIS supplies and installs heavy duty steel shelving units that you might see at Lowes, Costco or your local Harbor Freight store that displays heavy large equipment in bulk.

While home shelving should never be used for heavy-duty applications, you may desire to use heavy duty metal shelving at home, in your garage or shed, where you may need to store large or heavy products or materials. We use world class vendors like Penco, Rivet Rite® and Clipper Shelving® to give you a clue about the quality of our Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Shelves for warehouse or storage requirements.

Used Shelving, Lockers, Racks, and Cabinets

records shelving AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)Occasionally, AIS handles used steel shelving, used warehouse shelving, used gym lockers, used commercial shelving, used metal lockers, Storage Cabinets or vintage industrial shelving but we are limited on a catch as, catch can, basis.

If you have used warehouse shelving for sale that is in good condition, give us a call to see if we can take it off your hands. Businesses & institutions look for bargains too, so they will often choose used warehouse shelving systems when availability is an option.

Racks, Pallet Racks, and Storage Rack Systems

Racks, Pallet Racks and Storage Rack Systems AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)

AIS handles a large selection of pallet racks & accessories from pallet rack dividers, pallet rack guards, pallet rack ends, pallet rack wire decking, pallet rack netting as well as others.

We offer high quality new & used industrial storage equipment to businesses for their warehouses or storage requirements.

Industrial Storage Rack System

When looking at Pallet Racks as a storage solution, consider the needs along with the physical requirements of your business before investing in a complete pallet racking system. Industrial Storage Rack configurations should consider accessibility to individual loads (selectivity), handling time, the efficiency of space utilization (storage density), order fulfillment speed, along with acquisition expenses.

If you have height and capacity restrictions, we have the hook up for the Storage Racks you need and AIS offers a variety of industrial storage racks that come complete with multiple sized bins too.

Pallet Rack Designs

Our Pallet Rack designs and manufactures include (Teardrop Style; Keystone Style) Cantilever Rack, Pipe-Bar Rack, Tire Rack, Drum Rack, Wire Rack, Stacking Rack, and Portable Racking, just to name a few from our wide selection.

Warehouse Storage Racks

warehouse storage racks AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)AIS Warehouse storage rack systems provide an organization of inventoried products and materials to help save floor space and reduce retrieval times of stored items. We have a huge selection of storage equipment from traditional storage racks and shelving to maximize your available space as well as enhance the productivity of your employees.

Some of our storage solutions include all types of warehouse storage systems like shelving, high-density shelving, mezzanine systems, pallet racks, and automated storage carousels. A Well organized warehouse should not only increase productivity but also make the available floor space more efficient.

AIS Warehouse Space Saving Storage Solutions

We strive to be your one-stop shop for Space Saving and Storage Solutions. Whether you are an individual simply looking for garage shelving, a small business with warehouse needs, or a contractor seeking assistance on a large scale project; we can help.

For over 64 years, AIS has been an integral part of the Denver Colorado metro area and Rocky Mountain Regional Industry – providing personal service and attention to those who Think Outside the Big Box. Give us a call Today!

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